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  • Base Equipment
  • BASE UNIT *Standard Equipment 425400
  • FEEDER DRIVE *PowerPlus CVT drive w/feedrate PowerPlus CVT w/Feedrate control automatically maximizes harvest productivity in varying crop conditions by adjusting ground speed to optimize crop to combine load. The PTO feeder output shaft is changed to a 21 tooth spline. See header section, Parts Supplied page for conversion kits.
  • FEEDERS > Wth Stone Trap *HD lateral header tilt w/trap Heavy-lift pkg. lateral header tilt control with auto level function. Includes 90 mm lift cylinders, reinforced feeder face structure. For 7240: requires HD propulsion pkg. 722775, 722776, or 425215. For 7240, 8240 and 9240: required for 35 ft. draper with Transport Package, 40 ft. and larger headers, and both the 12 Row Chopping and 12 Row Folding corn heads. For 8240 and 9240: required for 16 and 18 row corn heads. ***DUAL
  • INFEED / TRANSITION CONE *Ext Wear Cone w/Std Cage Includes heat treated transition cone and inlet castings
  • Rotors *Extd. wear rotor w/bars/spikes includes chrome alloy rasp bars throughout. For corn, soybeans, small grains. Includes four straight bars and eight spiked rasp bars in separating area.
  • CONCAVES FACTORY INSTALLED *Sm wire, 3/16 in.-heat treated for small grain
  • GRATES *Lg wire, 1/4 in. dia. for small grains and small seed crops to limit crop material on cleaning system
  • UPPER SIEVES *1-1/8 in.adjustable,closz slat with 1-1/8 in. adjustable, grain slat pre-sieve
  • LOWER SIEVES *1-1/8 in. grain slat -Elec 1-1/8 IN. ADJUSTABLE, GRAIN SLAT
  • ELEVATOR > Standard-duty Wear Resistant *Standard elevator For small grains - slow speed only. Not recommended for corn.
  • Grain Tank *Grain tank HC with hyd covers 410 bushel capacity In cab hydraulic folding grain tank cover control for high capacity unload system. Requires HD planetry drives and axle extensions on the 7240
  • UNLOADING AUGER > For 40 ft. Headers and Smaller *HC unload 40 ft. hdrs Standard wear for up to 40 ft. heads. Unload length from center of machine - 28 ft. 9 in.
  • SPOUT *Pivoting unld spout in-cab adj Electrically controlled pivoting unload spout to control grain flow up to 3 ft.
  • UNLOAD DRIVE *HC independt cross auger ctrl Dual drive system for independent operation of grain tank cross augers. Required for rice.
  • STRAWHOOD ATTACHMENTS *Std Chpr, WndrwChute, ManlSprd Standard Chopper, Windrow Chute, Manual Spreaders 24 blade chopper with windrow chute, manual adjust spreaders, and manual adjust windguards.
  • OPERATOR'S CAB *Luxury_cab All Deluxe Cab Features with the addition of heated-electric remote mirrors, leather wrapped steering wheel, three storage bins behind operator's seat, five storage shelves LH/RH "B-Posts," portable refrigerator, LH/rear window shades, Pro 700 slide rail w/cup holder and smart phone cradle.
  • OPERATOR'S SEAT *Leather Seat HT/VNT Heated and ventilated red leather operator seat and red leather instructor seat.
  • RADIO AND SPEAKERS *AM/FM/WB/Bluetooth radio 4 Speaker system with 3.5mm aux. input and Bluetooth capable radio with mic. Sirius XM satellite ready
  • LIGHTS *High definition HID lighting 6 HID lights
  • LIGHTING *No Lighting Selection No Deluxe Field Lights
  • TRACTION > Heavy-duty Propulsion System *HD planetary w/o diff lock Single speed hydro motor and non-locking differential. Planetary drive with 125 cc pump and motor. HD planetry drives and axle extensions are required on the 7240 with 410 bushel grain tank options
  • TRACTION WHEELS > Dual Drive Tires *620/70R42 166A8 R1W Dual Goodyear, Firestone, Michelin, and Alliance
  • AXLE EXTENSION > For Heavy-duty System *Axle extensions-10.4 in. 265mm For HD propulsion system. For use with 520, 580, and 620 duals set on 30 in. rows. Not compatible with tracks option.
  • STEERING AXLE *HD Adjustable steer axle 120 in. to 144 in. tread setting
  • Steering Tires *750/65R26 166A8 R1W Goodyear, Firestone, Michelin, and Alliance
  • TIRE BRAND *Firestone
  • GPS ANTENNA/RECEIVER *372 Antenna receiver - WAAS Factory Installed Auto Guidance Precision Farming Includes: Antenna / 372 Receiver WAAS for yield mapping.
  • PC SOFTWARE *No Desktop software No PC Software
  • ENGINE COOLANT HEATER *Engine block heater Cold start package (block heater)
  • TRAILER HITCH *Trailer hitch, drawbar type
  • Operator's Manual *English Manual
  • 3016 PICKUP HEADER YHS071260