Get your Seeder ready for next spring,
Book an On-Farm Inspection

Too busy with everything else your operation brings with it, or did you simply forget to book during the first period of this Inspection Program? Well don't worry, our Air Seeder Inspections are back! This popular program takes all the hassle and worry away from you and gives you the chance to fully concentrate on every other aspect of your busy operation. We have the professionals, right tools and parts to take care of your Air Seeders and get them ready to go before next spring. Once again we offer you the opportunity to get tomorrow's value for this year's best price.

From now until November 1st there are no Service Call Fees on every Inspection booked under this program and you will get 10% Discount on all in-stock or stock ordered parts on Work Orders.

Call us or come into one of our nine locations throughout southern Saskatchewan to participate in this important program and secure the best bang for your buck for yourself and your farm.