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Oil & Filter Sale

It's Back! Three Months of Savings!

Our 3-month sale on bulk lubricants and filters is back! This year it is more important than ever to get your equipment ready for action as soon as possible, the sooner you buy the more you will save!

Kicking things off, February 1st you will save 15¢/L on all Bulk oils and 15% on all filters.
In March the savings move to 13¢/L on bulk oil and 13% discount on filters.
Finally, April brings 10¢/L saving on bulk oil and 10% discount on filters.

Oil & Filter Sale

Oil & Filter Sale

Join the 100L Club

In addition to these great savings, take advantage of your chance to lock in a 15% discount on all filters for the rest of 2023. By purchasing at least 100L of any combination of our bulk oils during one visit, you earn a 15% discount on filters all year for everything on your farm. We really do mean everything, we stock filters and lubricants for all the vehicles and equipment you have in your yard.

Oil & Filter Sale

Needless to say, now is the right time to stock up on lubricants and filters for the upcoming season. During your visit, ask your Young's Equipment parts specialist for details on synthetic lubricants and it’s benefits to your equipment.


We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

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Keep rodents away!

Rodents looking for a warm, dry place to stay for the winter can cause a lot of damage to your equipment and vehicles, not to mention the smell they leave behind! Young's Equipment has several options to keep them out and protect your investment. Whether you prefer a minty scent, a fresh pine scent, or no scent at all, we have an option in stock for you!


Rodents Away Odor Free

Rodents Away Odor Free

Made from all-natural ingredients, Rodents Away Odor Free repels mice without the use of herbs, perfumes or other harsh scents.

Store it Mint Scent Pads

Store it Mint Scent Pads

Keep rodents out of your farm equipment, trailer or car effectively with Store-It Mint Scent Pads. One jar contains 10 pads, each pad lasts up to six months

Keep Out Fresh Scent

Keep Out Fresh Scent

Mint scented pads to repel mice from your equipment.

Cab'n Fresh

Cab'n Fresh

Made with balsam fir oil, this plant-based alternative freshens and protects storage areas for up to 90 days.


Whether you are visiting us for business or just dropping in for a coffee be sure to stop at the parts counter and ask our helpful parts staff for your favorite brand of rodent protection as well! We look forward to seeing you.

Take care of your sprayer now, and it will be ready to go next spring.

Timely application during those tight spray windows every year is a big reason to own your own spray equipment, and once it’s time to go next spring you want your sprayer to be ready to go. Before you tuck your piece of equipment away for the winter, some maintenance will serve you well. We suggest to not delay winterizing your sprayer in order to avoid potentially high costs and frustration about time consuming repairs next spring. The right maintenance now will protect your sprayer from damage caused by the freezing temperatures during late fall and winter to help improve its longevity and resale value.

Here are our tips and recommendations for long-term storage of your sprayer:

  • Clean and wash the entire sprayer to remove dirt, debris, oil, grease, chemicals and fertilizer. Once tanks have been cleaned, nozzles, screens and filters should be removed and cleaned separately in a bucket containing water and the recommended cleaning agent.
  • Always remember to read the product specimen label for the last product or chemical used and adhere to personal protective equipment requirements when cleaning.
  • Touch up any chips, scratches and rusted areas with the appropriate protective paint to reduce corrosion.
  • Lubricate exposed areas, such as hydraulic cylinder rods, to minimize corrosion.
  • Fill the fuel tank and add a conditioner. The conditioner will stabilize the fuel for extended storage periods, and a full tank minimizes condensation. Also, drain the Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) tank, if applicable.
  • Change engine oil and other lubricants. Follow the operator’s manual guidelines for appropriate fluid and filter changes.
  • Clean the product system flow meter.
  • Remove spray tips and nozzle bodies from the nozzle body assemblies and store separately. Maintaining the sprayer’s nozzle is imperative to achieving the best spray performance, and the cost to do so is nominal compared with the cost of chemical used. Spray nozzle tips can wear over time, with dry chemicals in suspension causing higher rates of wear than liquid chemicals. That’s why it’s important to check the nozzle flow rates, look for potential problems and confirm the accuracy of the sprayer. After you have rinsed and cleaned your sprayer, look for mismatched and worn nozzles and damaged nozzle screens. Replace nozzles if needed and make sure to remove nozzle tips and nozzle bodies from the nozzle body assemblies. Check spray tips for wear and replace as necessary.
  • Winterize the product system plumbing. Thoroughly flush the entire system, including fence row nozzles and foam marker systems, if equipped. Run Young’s Equipment Sprayer Antifreeze through the system (1 litre per foot boom length) to eliminate the possibility of freezing. Do not use liquid fertilizer, which can cause corrosion.
  • Charge batteries and then remove and store them in a safe area.
  • Remove rate controllers and electronic displays. Cold weather storage can cause issues with display screens.
  • Properly inflate tires and check on them occasionally through the winter. A tire left flat for an extended period can be ruined.

If you need parts, fluids or filters to get this important task done, give your local Young’s Equipment branch a call. We stock everything to get you going.

If you prefer to leave these essential tasks to the experts, now is the right time to do it! Winterization is a vital part of the Young’s Equipment Winter Inspections program, you’ll find the benefits and pricing between our two inspection levels outlined in the tables below.



No matter how you choose to approach sprayer winterization, it’s important that you do it before bone-chilling temperatures settle in. Remember: If you take care of your application equipment, it will help you take care of your crops season after season.

EGO Power+ Zero Turn Mowers

The EGO Power+ Z6 Zero Turn Riding Mower is a ZTR like nothing else out there. Featuring Peak Power™+ technology, it can hold up to 6 EGO 56V ARC Lithium™ Batteries – the same battery technology powering all EGO products, making it the World’s First Platform Compatible Rider. Delivering 22-25 horsepower, equivalent to a gas engine, and reaching a top speed of 8 MPH, the Z6 covers up to 2-acres (ZT4204L) or 4-acres (ZT5207L) on a single charge.  

The batteries are fully expandable! Add more to cut as many acres as needed – unlike any other battery-powered ZTR on the market. The Industry's fastest charger fully charges 40Ah in just 2 hours, 4x faster than competitors.



Independent brushless motors deliver the power and performance of gas with an adjustable hydraulic seat suspension for a comfortable mowing experience. Customize the ride with an LCD interface featuring 3 driving modes: Control, Standard, and Sport – that can be accessed with the simple touch of a finger. Premium features like LED lights, USB charging port and Bluetooth come standard to make the experience unlike any other ZTR.


42" Zero turn mower with 22HP to cover 2acres on a single charge with 4x10.0AH batteries.


52" Zero turn mower with 25HP to cover 4 acres on a single charge with 6x12.0AH batteries.


Experience zero-turn mowing like never before with the all-new EGO Power+ 42" and 52" Z6 Zero Turn Riding Mowers now in stock at Young's Equipment! Come in and talk to our friendly and knowledgeable parts staff for more information on all the EGO products you need to take care of your yard.