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Why Build a Sprayer Trailer?

Time is something that is in short supply during the tight spraying seasons we have living in Saskatchewan. Building your own sprayer trailer can greatly increase your efficiency and give you the time you need to get the job done. Having the ability to fill your sprayer wherever it is can also greatly improve your bottom line. Let Young's Equipment parts staff help you put together everything you need to get your sprayer trailer set up and running.

Sprayer Trailer
Here is a basic list of things you will need to get started.

Water Tank

1) A Water Tank

Take into account the footprint, volume, and weight of the tank when full, to unsure it will work on your trailer and for the size of your sprayer. We can help you find the right tank for you.


Chem Handler

2) A Chem Handler

Mixing your chemicals right in the field is made easy with either the Chem Handler II or III. Both have 2" and 3" plumbing options depending on your needs.


Water Pump

3) A Water Pump

We stock a wide variety of water pumps in different price points and sizes to meet your needs.



4) A Meter

Accurately measure chemical to unsure you get the right amount every time.


Hose Reel

5) A Hose Reel

Keeping hose neat and tidy on your trailer is quick and easy with an electric reel.


Poly Fittings

6) Poly fittings, Valves, and Hose

All the bits and pieces you need to connect everything together.


As you can see, there are many different options available to customize your trailer to your sprayer needs, budget, and we have them all. Come in and talk to our friendly and knowledgeable parts staff for help getting everything you need! We look forward to seeing you.

Saskatchewan Day of Caring for Ukraine

Many people of Saskatchewan have deep roots to Ukraine, including many of our own staff members. Because of this, the employees of Young’s Equipment in Regina have donated $1000 to the humanitarian efforts for the people of Ukraine.

If you would like to support these efforts, please visit: https://www.cjme.com/saskatchewan-day-of-caring-for-ukraine/

Viscosity Oil

In recent years, there has been a debate about whether the additional protection provided by synthetic oil is worth the higher price tag. Read on to learn how synthetic oil is different from conventional oil and what benefits this offers you.



Conventional lubricants are made from mineral base oils, which come directly from a natural source, mostly crude petroleum. Making these oils require less refining than synthetic oils which makes the end product less expensive. The downside to this more natural product is that the molecules in the oil are not uniform in size. This can create more friction and waste build up in the oil.

Synthetic oils also begin as crude petroleum but are highly refined to create a uniform molecular structure. This greatly increases lubrication performance providing extended protection in the most extreme conditions, increased fuel economy, and an extended service life.

Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil

What are the advantages of Synthetic oil?

Synthetic oils bring 5 main advantages over conventional oils:

  • Higher temperature resistance. Synthetic oils can safely handle higher operating temperatures without breaking down. Synthetic oils are thus recommended for the heavy-duty, turbocharged or hard-use applications seen in agricultural equipment.
  • Better low temperature performance, making easier cold starts. Synthetics flow freely at extremely low temperatures (-30 °/- 40° C)
  • Better engine protection. As oil moves through the engine, some of the additives can be sheared (cut in half) by high-speed engine parts, which thins the oil. Full synthetic motor oils resist shear under heavy loads better than conventional oils. This helps synthetic motor oil maintain its viscosity grade, which offers better engine protection and withstands more extreme engine conditions.
  • Lower oil consumption. Synthetic motor oils experience less "boil off" than conventional motor oils. A good synthetic will lose only about 4 % of its weight when run at 400 degrees for six hours, compared to a 30% loss for conventional petroleum based oil. The lower evaporation rate means less oil consumption between changes.
  • Cleaner engines. Synthetics don't break down or sludge up as fast as ordinary mineral based oils do. This means that all your equipment won't accumulate sludge in the engine as fast and lubrication efficiency will be maintained.

 Viscosity Oil

Come in and talk to our highly knowledgeable parts staff about all your lubricant options!
Thank you for your time and business,
Young's Equipment Parts and Service teams

Secure the best price on the lifeblood for every single piece of equipment you own!

Back by popular demand - Our 3-month sale on bulk lubricants and filters is back! This year it's more important than ever to get your equipment ready for action as soon as possible. The longer you wait the less you will save!

We kick things off on February 1st with 15¢/L saving on all Bulk oils and 15% discount on all filters.

In March we drop to 13¢/L saving and 13% discount on filters.

April will be 10¢/L saving and 10% discount on filters.

Oil & Filter Sale
In addition to this great offer, take advantage of your chance to lock in a 15% discount on filters for the rest of 2022. By purchasing at least 100L of any combination of our bulk oils you will earn the best price on filters all year for everything on your farm.

Also if you are looking for a solution that makes handling lubricants in your shop hassle-free check out the 55 gallon Mobile Oil Dispenser below.

Oil Dispenser Deal
Needless to say that this is the right time to stock up for the upcoming season, and also consider the switch to synthetic lubricants to take advantage of its benefits. Ask your Young's Equipment parts specialist for details.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon!