Contour Buddy & Turbo Drum, MacDon Flex Draper

At Young's Equipment it's all about providing you with the optimal tools you need for your farm, providing added value and finding the best solutions for you and your Equipment. That's why we would like to introduce two essential products for your harvesting operation to you:

Take Flexdraper Performance over the Top with

Contour Buddy & Turbo Drum, MacDon Flex Draper

MacDon FD Series FlexDraper® Headers are designed to contour to the ground on rolling terrain for a close even cut. However, when cutting off the ground, the FlexDraper frame is locked into rigid mode. This setting limits the FlexDraper’s ability to contour over rolling terrain. The ContourBuddy™ System solves that by allowing FlexDrapers to be used in Flex mode while cutting off the ground.

Take FlexDraper® Performance Over the Top! The ContourBuddy™ Performance Option is a simple mechanical system allowing the operator to run their FlexDraper unlocked in Flex, and utilize Auto Header Height mode while cutting crops off the ground. To accomplish this, the design uses strategically placed wheels under the FlexDraper for instant response of the Flex/Float system, mirroring the contours of the field while cutting up to 10 inches (250mm) from the ground surface.

The ContourBuddy™ provides operators with a number of performance benefits including:

  • Use of flex mode and auto header height while cutting off the ground - adjustable to leave between 4’’ (100mm) and 10’’ (250mm) of stubble*
  • Smooth, consistent stubble heights – ideal for reducing erosion, catching winter snow, and setting you up for planting
  • Reduced operator input – Set your cut height and go!
  • Reduced digging/picking stones
  • Eliminates the need for gauge wheels up to 10’’ (250mm) stubble height*

 Call or come in to your favorite Young's location today to ensure you have your ContourBuddy™ for harvest this year!

Contour Buddy


Contour Buddy & Turbo Drum, MacDon Flex Draper

Turbodrum is a heavy duty, high-capacity, retrofit feed drum for draper headers to replace the existing, standard feeder drum on draper heads. It comes complete with all internal components fully welded and assembled, ready to go. Just pull out your existing feed drum, then slip-in and install a Turbodrum - it’s that easy.

Turbodrum is a complete easy replacement feeder drum that fits Macdon D60 and FD75 headers. If you are reading this then you already know the frustration of slow harvest speeds in bulky crops like canola, and even worse, the blockages and breakdowns caused by the standard feeder drum in these headers. Turbodrum is an instant fix to problems such as slow harvest speeds in bulky crops, and even worse, blockages and breakdowns caused by the standard feed drum. Turbodrum allows you to go faster and get the crop off in less time at less cost. It feeds better and it’s reliable. Fitting the Turbodrum is quicker than fixing your original. Increase performance and efficiency and reduce loss of crop value.


Turbo Drum          Turbo Drum Case IH Combine



  • More than double the number of retractable fingers with a far more aggressive pattern. It literally grabs the crop and pulls it through in a constant and steady flow so the load to the rotor/drum can be optimal. This in turn provides for a more steady and improved ground speed with more crop harvested each day and less loss of time over the harvest period;
  • A smaller barrel with taller flighting creates a huge gap for pulling through bulky crops: ideal to help eliminate blockages and pluggin;
  • Less flighting and more fingers, so the full width of the drum is used;
  • Turbodrum’s unique patented paddle flights prevent repeating by eliminating the usual “dead zone” under the drum;
  • A large diameter, fully welded crankshaft: extra strength where you need it;
  • Infinitely adjustable finger timing to suit any condition for crop flexibility;
  • Eliminates the problematic and unnecessary reverse clutch by not blocking;
  • Field-fitted, clamp-on retractable finger holders;
  • Extends the life of the rest of your expensive machine by reducing shock loading and plugging;
  • Easy installation with clear instructions provided;


Turbo Drum Webinar

With prices on the Turbodrum being lower or comparable to OEM feed drums it's a great option to increase the efficiency of your header. The Young's Equipment parts staff have the knowledge on this and all the parts you need for a no-hassle harvest, come in or call today!

Have you ordered your grainbags yet?

Conditions are different than they were in the last few years, and with that the demand for grain bags has increased drastically. Have you secured the necessary grain bags for your operation yet? If your answer to this question is no, then now is the time to talk to our Parts Professionals about it.


We’re offering you two different brands in various sizes to meet your grain storage needs.

Our very own Youngs Equipment grain bags made by Hi Tech provides an unprecedented 9.5mm thickness. Ultimate durability in the most extreme conditions. Available in lengths between 250 and 500 feet.

Ipesa is a tough and durable bag that provides a thickness of no less than 9.3 mil. These bags have been proven even in the most extreme Saskatchewan conditions. Available in lengths between 250 and 400 feet.


Grainbag Online Order Form


Click the button above to submit your grain bag order online. Submitted forms will be sent to the Young's Equipment location of your choice and one of our friendly parts staff will contact you. Please note you can only order one selection of bag per form but if you wish to order a different size or type the form can be submitted multiple times. If you prefer to speak to someone before ordering, or have questions, please contact or visit any one of our stores. Also, please keep in mind, quantities are limited!

Raven Boom Recirculation Kit

Fully Automated with the Touch of a Button

Boom prime prepares each individual nozzle, beginning on the outside of the boom. Nozzles are opened in timed sections to purge any remaining chemicals. Once boom priming is complete in one section, it continues down to the next section on the boom until all sections are complete.

Boom Recirculation System Prime

Reduce Product Settling and Eliminate Waste

Boom recirculation with Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) nozzle technology uses add-on hardware to aid in efficiently cleaning out the boom and plumbing system by circulating liquid from the outside tip of the boom and back to the center section.

Boom Recirculation

Optimize Chemical Use

  • Prime a sprayer boom with minimal application of product, eliminating waste and protecting the environment
  • Achieve uniform and correct product application by reducing settling of product throughout the machine
  • Increase uptime with a simple and efficient boom

Seamless Integration

  • Activate boom prime on your machine with a simple software upgrade, included with AIM Command FLEX™ or Hawkeye® (no unlock required)
  • No additional rate controller or display required


Phone or visit your favorite Young's Equipment location for more info on this time and cost saving system for your sprayer.

Why Build a Sprayer Trailer?

Time is something that is in short supply during the tight spraying seasons we have living in Saskatchewan. Building your own sprayer trailer can greatly increase your efficiency and give you the time you need to get the job done. Having the ability to fill your sprayer wherever it is can also greatly improve your bottom line. Let Young's Equipment parts staff help you put together everything you need to get your sprayer trailer set up and running.

Sprayer Trailer
Here is a basic list of things you will need to get started.

Water Tank

1) A Water Tank

Take into account the footprint, volume, and weight of the tank when full, to unsure it will work on your trailer and for the size of your sprayer. We can help you find the right tank for you.


Chem Handler

2) A Chem Handler

Mixing your chemicals right in the field is made easy with either the Chem Handler II or III. Both have 2" and 3" plumbing options depending on your needs.


Water Pump

3) A Water Pump

We stock a wide variety of water pumps in different price points and sizes to meet your needs.



4) A Meter

Accurately measure chemical to unsure you get the right amount every time.


Hose Reel

5) A Hose Reel

Keeping hose neat and tidy on your trailer is quick and easy with an electric reel.


Poly Fittings

6) Poly fittings, Valves, and Hose

All the bits and pieces you need to connect everything together.


As you can see, there are many different options available to customize your trailer to your sprayer needs, budget, and we have them all. Come in and talk to our friendly and knowledgeable parts staff for help getting everything you need! We look forward to seeing you.

Saskatchewan Day of Caring for Ukraine

Many people of Saskatchewan have deep roots to Ukraine, including many of our own staff members. Because of this, the employees of Young’s Equipment in Regina have donated $1000 to the humanitarian efforts for the people of Ukraine.

If you would like to support these efforts, please visit:

Viscosity Oil

In recent years, there has been a debate about whether the additional protection provided by synthetic oil is worth the higher price tag. Read on to learn how synthetic oil is different from conventional oil and what benefits this offers you.



Conventional lubricants are made from mineral base oils, which come directly from a natural source, mostly crude petroleum. Making these oils require less refining than synthetic oils which makes the end product less expensive. The downside to this more natural product is that the molecules in the oil are not uniform in size. This can create more friction and waste build up in the oil.

Synthetic oils also begin as crude petroleum but are highly refined to create a uniform molecular structure. This greatly increases lubrication performance providing extended protection in the most extreme conditions, increased fuel economy, and an extended service life.

Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil

What are the advantages of Synthetic oil?

Synthetic oils bring 5 main advantages over conventional oils:

  • Higher temperature resistance. Synthetic oils can safely handle higher operating temperatures without breaking down. Synthetic oils are thus recommended for the heavy-duty, turbocharged or hard-use applications seen in agricultural equipment.
  • Better low temperature performance, making easier cold starts. Synthetics flow freely at extremely low temperatures (-30 °/- 40° C)
  • Better engine protection. As oil moves through the engine, some of the additives can be sheared (cut in half) by high-speed engine parts, which thins the oil. Full synthetic motor oils resist shear under heavy loads better than conventional oils. This helps synthetic motor oil maintain its viscosity grade, which offers better engine protection and withstands more extreme engine conditions.
  • Lower oil consumption. Synthetic motor oils experience less "boil off" than conventional motor oils. A good synthetic will lose only about 4 % of its weight when run at 400 degrees for six hours, compared to a 30% loss for conventional petroleum based oil. The lower evaporation rate means less oil consumption between changes.
  • Cleaner engines. Synthetics don't break down or sludge up as fast as ordinary mineral based oils do. This means that all your equipment won't accumulate sludge in the engine as fast and lubrication efficiency will be maintained.

 Viscosity Oil

Come in and talk to our highly knowledgeable parts staff about all your lubricant options!
Thank you for your time and business,
Young's Equipment Parts and Service teams

Donation to Hospitals of Regina Foundation

Donation to Hospitals of Regina Foundation towards a Transport Isolette for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Today at Agribition we were able to be part of the presentation of a donation to the Hospitals of Regina Foundation on behalf of Young’s Equipment, MacDon, Väderstad, and Farm Credit Canada. The combined donation of $300,000.00 between the four organizations will fund the purchase of a transport isolette for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. This piece of equipment is used to transport babies born in hospitals and communities outside of Regina and who need care in the NICU to Regina to receive that care. This obviously fits well with the communities where we live and do business, and the opportunity to partner with MacDon, Väderstad, and FCC, who we have such strong relationships with, and to support an organization like the HRF, was exceptional.

Young's Equipment


"Each year, 500 babies need specialized care provided in our NICU in the Rawlco Centre for Mother Baby Care at Regina General Hospital. For babies born outside of Regina, it is critical that our teams have the specialized technology needed to transport these newborns to our NICU in order to survive. Thanks to a generous donation of $300,000 from Young's Equipment Inc. , MacDon Industries Ltd. and Vaderstad Canada, our NICU transport team has a new Transport Isolette, a mobile mini-NICU capable of delivering state-of-the-art, critical care to these fragile babies during their journey to Regina."

 - Hospitals of Regina


Miracle Treat Day usually has Dairy Queen donate a portion of their proceeds to local children’s hospitals, in Saskatchewan that’s Jim Pattison’s Children’s Hospital. This year the event has been posponed, so we decided to make our own our own Miracle Treat Day by ordering blizzards and making a separate donation from our staff’s funds to the foundation.

A donation of $500.00 has been made, on behalf of the Regina’s Social Committee and Regina staff to the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation.




Below is a  thank you message from Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation:

At Young’s Equipment we are all about
Exceptional Service and Outstanding Products

Here is a brand new product we are offering.

MS T&T cleaner and foam kits.

Spray the foam on, rinse and the grime is gone! Washing cars and equipment has never been so fast and easy and the results are spectacular.

MS T&T Cleaner is a powerful and safe cleaning agent for the cleaning of any type of vehicle or equipment including lacquered surfaces.

This game changing cleaner:

  • Removes grime.
  • Adheres to the wash surface.
  • Is suitable for cleaning vehicles, boats, floors, trailors, RV’s, vinyl siding, tractors, combines, sprayers and any other type of equipment.
  • Produces streak free results.
  • Is biodegradable.
  • Is available in various container sizes.

Coupled with T&T Cleaner, Young’s Equipment is now offering three MS T&T foam kit options. These innovative and well designed kits are manufactured for industrial use with most pressure washers (1100 to 3000 psi required) and allow effortless transitioning between foaming and rinsing. Choose the format that works for you and get foaming now!

Now may just be your chance to clean up on the brownie points with dad! Click here to go to our Facebook page for a chance to win a complete T&T system for Fathers Day. The $550+ value package will be given to the winner of our Facebook contest. Like, comment and share for a chance to win.

Click here to see a T&T foam kit and cleaner in action. There is no need to wait. Call or visit you nearest Young's Equipment store to get foaming now.

If you need a pressure washer Young's Equipment has your back.

Visit your nearest Young's Equipment today!

Happy Father's Day and happy foaming from the,
Young’s Equipment Team


Header Inspection Service Specials

Peak performance needs peak equipment condition, and we all know that in our industry top performance at exactly the right time is vital. Don’t risk downtime and hassle during the most important time of the year. Take care of those issues during a pre-season inspection. Our technicians are trained to recognize excessive combine header wear and find those items that might cause a headache when it’s go-time again.

Regardless what colour you run, our Header Inspection Program will make sure your equipment is ready when you need it. With ContourBuddy and Turbodrum we also have the right enhancement kits to get the most out of your header.

Do you have a bent header? Don’t give up on it just yet! We have the expertise, the tools and the unique specialty equipment to straighten and repair it. We are an approved header repair center for most major insurance companies.

Give your local Young’s Equipment Service Department a call or visit us at any of our nine locations to learn more about what we can do for your header. Our Service Managers and Service Advisors will be happy to answer all your questions.

Case IH Header Inspection, MacDon Header Inspection


MacDon Header Parts