Ditch Assist



Universal Grade Control Our custom designed PWM valve provides precise control of any implement using any age, make, and model of tractor
Advanced Features Now featuring fully customizable ditch, tile, and plane designs via Slope-IQ, plus ability to import land forming designs

Compatible with ALL GPS Brands

Use your existing RTK GPS system (or upgrade your current system to RTK).

Universal Compatibility

Use Ditch Assist with any make, model, or age of tractor, and control any implement that moves earth.

What can you do with Ditch Assist?



Survey your proposed route by driving it, then design your ditch using Slope-IQ for ‘Best Fit’ design NEW: Customize your design if required to fill low spots and adjust any aspect of the drain elevation Start working with fully automated grade control via our PWM valve or operate manually with a guidance only kit

Create simple single planes by surveying & designing with Slope-IQ like you would for ditching Import advanced multislope designs from software including OptiSurface, AgForm3D, and EZ Grade Ditch Assist features advanced processing to implement designs accurately and automatically

Ditch Assist works well with many different styles and brands of tile plows Use Slope-IQ to survey and design each run. Customize the design to better suit your requirements Note that Ditch Assist doesn’t have a pitch sensor so it won’t account for plow pitch –like a laser
Click to view a tutorial on how to use Ditch Assist to create a variable slope ditch. The built in simulator in the app is used so you can download the app and follow along. In just a few minutes you'll learn how simple Ditch Assist is to use!

For more information, click the link above to visit Ditch Assist's website or come in and ask any of Youngs Equipment's knowledgeable parts professionals. Also, Don't forget to follow us and Ditch Assist on social media!


Case IH 'Inspect and Protect' Service Specials

Combine Inspections, Quadtrac inspections, Tractor Inspections, Sprayer Inspections, Header Inspections


At Young’s Equipment we’re all about going the extra mile for you, about getting you going out in the field every day and making sure your operation runs as smooth and uninterrupted as possible. Inspecting and protecting your equipment is a vital part of what we do, and every year around this time we go to great lengths to offer you the highest value and top professional service that will make sure your machines are ready to go for the next growing season.

Our two different inspection levels are designed to meet and exceed your expectations, whether you choose our Value Visual Inspection or our most popular Premier Inspection, you'll find the right inspection for all your equipment at Young's.

But that’s not all, we would like to invite you to benefit from the Young’s Equipment Loyalty Program that gives you a $100 Gift Card for every machine you bring in that was inspected the previous year and one free header inspection when you book three inspections as well. In addition to that you will receive 10% Discount on all parts installed as part of your inspection if you book before October 31st, 2023!  Get the best value for the most affordable pricing. 

We go above and beyond with not only our exceptional service quality and the benefit of our extensive inspection checklist to check the parts that even our competitors miss, but also with our unique premier electronic inspection services. Let us handle your inspection work while you prepare for next year’s seeding plans. We can electronically send your inspection details to you, anytime, anywhere in the world.

If you haven't done so already, give us a call so we can go over all the details and answer any questions you may have. Our Service Advisers and Service Managers are available for you and are happy to answer all your questions.


Combine Inspections, Quadtrac inspections, Tractor Inspections, Sprayer Inspections, Header Inspections


Combine Inspections, Quadtrac inspections, Tractor Inspections, Sprayer Inspections, Header Inspections


EGO Power+ Zero Turn Mowers

The EGO Power+ Z6 Zero Turn Riding Mower is a ZTR like nothing else out there. Featuring Peak Power™+ technology, it can hold up to 6 EGO 56V ARC Lithium™ Batteries – the same battery technology powering all EGO products, making it the World’s First Platform Compatible Rider. Delivering 22-25 horsepower, equivalent to a gas engine, and reaching a top speed of 8 MPH, the Z6 covers up to 2-acres (ZT4204L) or 4-acres (ZT5207L) on a single charge.  

The batteries are fully expandable! Add more to cut as many acres as needed – unlike any other battery-powered ZTR on the market. The Industry's fastest charger fully charges 40Ah in just 2 hours, 4x faster than competitors.



Independent brushless motors deliver the power and performance of gas with an adjustable hydraulic seat suspension for a comfortable mowing experience. Customize the ride with an LCD interface featuring 3 driving modes: Control, Standard, and Sport – that can be accessed with the simple touch of a finger. Premium features like LED lights, USB charging port and Bluetooth come standard to make the experience unlike any other ZTR.


42" Zero turn mower with 22HP to cover 2acres on a single charge with 4x10.0AH batteries.


52" Zero turn mower with 25HP to cover 4 acres on a single charge with 6x12.0AH batteries.


Experience zero-turn mowing like never before with the all-new EGO Power+ 42" and 52" Z6 Zero Turn Riding Mowers now in stock at Young's Equipment! Come in and talk to our friendly and knowledgeable parts staff for more information on all the EGO products you need to take care of your yard.

Air Seeder Inspections

Procrastination Never Pays

Don't put off your Air seeder repairs! Why not take care of those worn out parts now.

At Young’s Equipment save 10% on all in-stock and stock-ordered Genuine Bourgault and Genuine Vaderstad air seeder parts from June 1st to October 31st, 2023. That will keep $$$ in your pocket and you'll be ready to go at the drop of a hat next year!

Air Seeder Inspections

Take advantage of these great benefits!

  • 10% off 2023 air seeder parts prices!
  • Make your list of repairs now while your memory is fresh.
  • Gain timeline advantage and peace of mind.

At Young’s Equipment we invest in our people and our technicians are no exception. With the highest caliber of training our technicians have the ability to find those items that will cause critical down time if left unaddressed. From June 1st to October 31st on top of 10% savings on in stock and stock ordered parts we are waiving service call fees on your initial air seeder inspections. So don’t wait, call or visit your Young’s Equipment Service department today and book your on farm air seeder inspection!

Take advantage of the expertise of our Service Technicians Avoid critical down time No service call fees on your initial air seeder inspection.

Don’t miss out on this chance to SAVE at Young’s Equipment! And you'll agree it feels like payday!

Enjoy your payday from your,
Young’s Equipment Team

It's Muddy Out There, Time for Tow Straps!

With all this wonderful rain comes mud. To mitigate frustrating down time we keep a variety of tow straps in stock so before you find yourself stuck in the field or anywhere else come into Young's Equipment and pick up the tow straps you will need to pull yourself out.

Made in Western Canada, these tow straps are manufactured to perfection and tested relentlessly to ensure their safety and dependability. Using advanced state of the art equipment, every piece is tested on a pull tester and tagged with a working-load limit. 


Available in widths between 4 and 12" and break strength of up to 240,000lbs, we can help you rescue whatever you've got stuck, no matter the size or color of your equipment!

Head down to your favorite Young's Equipment branch and our expert parts staff will help you pick the tow strap that's right for you.

Wishing you a safe and happy growing season.



Let's talk about DEF

Every day our Parts Professionals answer questions about Diesel Exhaust Fluid, and of course input costs are always close to the top of your mind. With all new diesel machinery, cars, and trucks requiring Diesel Exhaust Fluid price must be considered.

Young's Equipment branded DEF exceeds all industry standards and at a price you can’t compare, even in the big box stores and on Amazon! We carry DEF and the full line of DEF handling equipment, from hand pumps for barrels to powerful electric pumps for bulk storage totes and replacement parts. All of this and our DEF is the best price in town. Whether it’s a 10 litre jug, a 205 litre drum or a 1040 litre tote, we stock it for you at all times.

We’ve put together a Q&A with the most frequently asked questions about DEF for you. Let’s dig in:


Q: What is Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)?

A: It is a non-hazardous solution, which is 32.5% urea and 67.5% de-ionized water. DEF is sprayed into the exhaust stream of diesel vehicles to break down dangerous NOx emissions into harmless nitrogen and water. This system is called Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). 

Q: How much DEF do I need?

A: The amount of DEF consumed by your equipment varies depending on the size and make of the engine you’re running, how the engine is configured, and the load you put on it. Load factors and idle time play a big role here. Off road machines that use a full SCR system may consume DEF at a rate of 8 to 10 percent of fuel burned, to help control the NOX.

Q: How will I know that the DEF product I purchase will work?

A: The DEF you purchase should state and display the certification of the International Organization for Standardization ISO 22241. This will ensure the proper purity and concentration (32.5%) of urea.

Q: What is the freeze point of DEF?

A 32.5% solution of DEF will begin to crystallize and freeze at 12F (-11C). At 32.5%, both the urea and water will freeze at the same rate, ensuring that as it thaws, the fluid does not become diluted, or over concentrated. The freezing and unthawing of DEF will not cause degradation of the product.DEF expands by approximately 7% when frozen. DEF packaging and tanks are designed to allow for expansion

Q: What happens if the DEF freezes in the tank on my equipment?

A: During vehicle operation, SCR systems are designed to provide heating for the DEF tank and supply lines. If DEF freezes when the vehicle is shut down, start up and normal operation of the vehicle will not be inhibited. The SCR heating system is designed to quickly return the DEF to liquid form and the operation of the vehicle will not be impacted. The freezing and unthawing of DEF will not cause degradation of the product.

Q: Are there special storage requirements for DEF?

A: DEF should be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area, out of direct sunlight. While the optimum storage temperature is up to 77F, temporary exposure to higher temperatures has little to no impact on the quality of DEF.

Q: What is the shelf life of DEF?

A: If DEF is stored at ambient temperatures of 77F with no major periods of exposure to heat over 86 F then the batch of DEF will last roughly two years. If a package of DEF is exposed to periods of heating the fluid will last approximately one year.

Q: Should I be concerned about handling DEF?

A: No. DEF is a nontoxic, nonpolluting, non-hazardous and nonflammable solution. It is stable, colorless, and meets accepted international standards for purity and composition. DEF is safe to handle and store and poses no serious risk to humans, animals, equipment or the environment when handled properly.

Q: Is DEF corrosive?

A: DEF is corrosive to copper and brass as well as other materials. Only approved materials, such as high density polyethylene (HDPE) are used in the DEF tank, packaging and dispensing equipment.

Q: Is any maintenance required on the DEF Dosing Unit Filter?

A: The DEF Dosing Unit Filter will need to be replaced as part of routine maintenance.

Pumps for Def Totes

Young's Equipment also carries everything you need to pump your DEF from the tote into your machine while maintaining a closed and sealed environment.

The Fill-Rite 12V DC or 120V AC pumps are factory mounted to a stainless steel IBC bracket and feature:

  • Rugged multi-diaphragm technology specifically designed for DEF/AdBlue
  • Integral pulsation dampener for smooth flow at point of use
  • 30-minute duty cycle for either voltage
  • Self priming to 6'
  • Flow rate up to 8 GPM
  • EPDM seals and stainless steel exterior hardware
DEF Tote Pumps

If you have any questions about DEF pumps, DEF or any other products you need for your operation, please reach out to our friendly staff at your favorite Young's location. We are available to answer any of your parts, service, or equipment questions! We look forward to seeing you.

Keep rodents away!

Rodents looking for a warm, dry place to stay for the winter can cause a lot of damage to your equipment and vehicles, not to mention the smell they leave behind! Young's Equipment has several options to keep them out and protect your investment. Whether you prefer a minty scent, a fresh pine scent, or no scent at all, we have an option in stock for you!


Rodents Away Odor Free

Rodents Away Odor Free

Made from all-natural ingredients, Rodents Away Odor Free repels mice without the use of herbs, perfumes or other harsh scents.

Store it Mint Scent Pads

Store it Mint Scent Pads

Keep rodents out of your farm equipment, trailer or car effectively with Store-It Mint Scent Pads. One jar contains 10 pads, each pad lasts up to six months

Keep Out Fresh Scent

Keep Out Fresh Scent

Mint scented pads to repel mice from your equipment.

Cab'n Fresh

Cab'n Fresh

Made with balsam fir oil, this plant-based alternative freshens and protects storage areas for up to 90 days.


Whether you are visiting us for business or just dropping in for a coffee be sure to stop at the parts counter and ask our helpful parts staff for your favorite brand of rodent protection as well! We look forward to seeing you.

Take care of your sprayer now, and it will be ready to go next spring.

Timely application during those tight spray windows every year is a big reason to own your own spray equipment, and once it’s time to go next spring you want your sprayer to be ready to go. Before you tuck your piece of equipment away for the winter, some maintenance will serve you well. We suggest to not delay winterizing your sprayer in order to avoid potentially high costs and frustration about time consuming repairs next spring. The right maintenance now will protect your sprayer from damage caused by the freezing temperatures during late fall and winter to help improve its longevity and resale value.

Here are our tips and recommendations for long-term storage of your sprayer:

  • Clean and wash the entire sprayer to remove dirt, debris, oil, grease, chemicals and fertilizer. Once tanks have been cleaned, nozzles, screens and filters should be removed and cleaned separately in a bucket containing water and the recommended cleaning agent.
  • Always remember to read the product specimen label for the last product or chemical used and adhere to personal protective equipment requirements when cleaning.
  • Touch up any chips, scratches and rusted areas with the appropriate protective paint to reduce corrosion.
  • Lubricate exposed areas, such as hydraulic cylinder rods, to minimize corrosion.
  • Fill the fuel tank and add a conditioner. The conditioner will stabilize the fuel for extended storage periods, and a full tank minimizes condensation. Also, drain the Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) tank, if applicable.
  • Change engine oil and other lubricants. Follow the operator’s manual guidelines for appropriate fluid and filter changes.
  • Clean the product system flow meter.
  • Remove spray tips and nozzle bodies from the nozzle body assemblies and store separately. Maintaining the sprayer’s nozzle is imperative to achieving the best spray performance, and the cost to do so is nominal compared with the cost of chemical used. Spray nozzle tips can wear over time, with dry chemicals in suspension causing higher rates of wear than liquid chemicals. That’s why it’s important to check the nozzle flow rates, look for potential problems and confirm the accuracy of the sprayer. After you have rinsed and cleaned your sprayer, look for mismatched and worn nozzles and damaged nozzle screens. Replace nozzles if needed and make sure to remove nozzle tips and nozzle bodies from the nozzle body assemblies. Check spray tips for wear and replace as necessary.
  • Winterize the product system plumbing. Thoroughly flush the entire system, including fence row nozzles and foam marker systems, if equipped. Run Young’s Equipment Sprayer Antifreeze through the system (1 litre per foot boom length) to eliminate the possibility of freezing. Do not use liquid fertilizer, which can cause corrosion.
  • Charge batteries and then remove and store them in a safe area.
  • Remove rate controllers and electronic displays. Cold weather storage can cause issues with display screens.
  • Properly inflate tires and check on them occasionally through the winter. A tire left flat for an extended period can be ruined.

If you need parts, fluids or filters to get this important task done, give your local Young’s Equipment branch a call. We stock everything to get you going.

If you prefer to leave these essential tasks to the experts, now is the right time to do it! Winterization is a vital part of the Young’s Equipment Winter Inspections program, you’ll find the benefits and pricing between our two inspection levels outlined in the tables below.



No matter how you choose to approach sprayer winterization, it’s important that you do it before bone-chilling temperatures settle in. Remember: If you take care of your application equipment, it will help you take care of your crops season after season.

Agricultural LED Lights for Tractors, Combines & More

Upgrade or replace your OEM tractor headlights, work lights, cab lights with efficient and long life LED light kits from Tiger Lights. Our LED lights outshine, outperform and outlast halogen and HID style lights. Tiger Lights offers the widest selection of agricultural LED lights and AG LED lights for tractors, combines, skid steers and other farm equipment. Plug & play Tiger Lights LED lights use the original mount and wiring for easy retrofitting.


Tiger Lights Equipment Finder*

*Website is for reference only, prices shown are in USD and do not include shipping Call your closest Young’s Equipment store for a quote.



Also Available from Tiger Lights

LED Blue Sprayer Work Light


This light works great mounted to sprayer to see the spray pattern. This light shines a bright blue light.

LED Headlight Conversion Kits

Leave your halogens behind and switch to these top of the line LED Headlight Conversion Kits. Engineered for a simple and quick installation, this conversion kit can be put into place in no time with no painful rewiring or soldering needed. Plug it in directly into your car’s factory harness. Available to match most standard GE bulb part numbers.


Tiger Lights are bright, reliable, easy to install, and often cost less than the OEM lights. If all of your equipment's lights need replacing, complete machine kits are available for several models at even further savings. Let Young's Equipment and Tiger Lights help to light your way through the dark! Come in or call today for more info on this or any other of your parts needs.

Contour Buddy & Turbo Drum, MacDon Flex Draper

At Young's Equipment it's all about providing you with the optimal tools you need for your farm, providing added value and finding the best solutions for you and your Equipment. That's why we would like to introduce two essential products for your harvesting operation to you:

Take Flexdraper Performance over the Top with

Contour Buddy & Turbo Drum, MacDon Flex Draper

MacDon FD Series FlexDraper® Headers are designed to contour to the ground on rolling terrain for a close even cut. However, when cutting off the ground, the FlexDraper frame is locked into rigid mode. This setting limits the FlexDraper’s ability to contour over rolling terrain. The ContourBuddy™ System solves that by allowing FlexDrapers to be used in Flex mode while cutting off the ground.

Take FlexDraper® Performance Over the Top! The ContourBuddy™ Performance Option is a simple mechanical system allowing the operator to run their FlexDraper unlocked in Flex, and utilize Auto Header Height mode while cutting crops off the ground. To accomplish this, the design uses strategically placed wheels under the FlexDraper for instant response of the Flex/Float system, mirroring the contours of the field while cutting up to 10 inches (250mm) from the ground surface.

The ContourBuddy™ provides operators with a number of performance benefits including:

  • Use of flex mode and auto header height while cutting off the ground - adjustable to leave between 4’’ (100mm) and 10’’ (250mm) of stubble*
  • Smooth, consistent stubble heights – ideal for reducing erosion, catching winter snow, and setting you up for planting
  • Reduced operator input – Set your cut height and go!
  • Reduced digging/picking stones
  • Eliminates the need for gauge wheels up to 10’’ (250mm) stubble height*

 Call or come in to your favorite Young's location today to ensure you have your ContourBuddy™ for harvest this year!

Contour Buddy


Contour Buddy & Turbo Drum, MacDon Flex Draper

Turbodrum is a heavy duty, high-capacity, retrofit feed drum for draper headers to replace the existing, standard feeder drum on draper heads. It comes complete with all internal components fully welded and assembled, ready to go. Just pull out your existing feed drum, then slip-in and install a Turbodrum - it’s that easy.

Turbodrum is a complete easy replacement feeder drum that fits Macdon D60 and FD75 headers. If you are reading this then you already know the frustration of slow harvest speeds in bulky crops like canola, and even worse, the blockages and breakdowns caused by the standard feeder drum in these headers. Turbodrum is an instant fix to problems such as slow harvest speeds in bulky crops, and even worse, blockages and breakdowns caused by the standard feed drum. Turbodrum allows you to go faster and get the crop off in less time at less cost. It feeds better and it’s reliable. Fitting the Turbodrum is quicker than fixing your original. Increase performance and efficiency and reduce loss of crop value.


Turbo Drum          Turbo Drum Case IH Combine



  • More than double the number of retractable fingers with a far more aggressive pattern. It literally grabs the crop and pulls it through in a constant and steady flow so the load to the rotor/drum can be optimal. This in turn provides for a more steady and improved ground speed with more crop harvested each day and less loss of time over the harvest period;
  • A smaller barrel with taller flighting creates a huge gap for pulling through bulky crops: ideal to help eliminate blockages and pluggin;
  • Less flighting and more fingers, so the full width of the drum is used;
  • Turbodrum’s unique patented paddle flights prevent repeating by eliminating the usual “dead zone” under the drum;
  • A large diameter, fully welded crankshaft: extra strength where you need it;
  • Infinitely adjustable finger timing to suit any condition for crop flexibility;
  • Eliminates the problematic and unnecessary reverse clutch by not blocking;
  • Field-fitted, clamp-on retractable finger holders;
  • Extends the life of the rest of your expensive machine by reducing shock loading and plugging;
  • Easy installation with clear instructions provided;


Turbo Drum Webinar

With prices on the Turbodrum being lower or comparable to OEM feed drums it's a great option to increase the efficiency of your header. The Young's Equipment parts staff have the knowledge on this and all the parts you need for a no-hassle harvest, come in or call today!