At Young's Equipment it's all about providing you with the optimal tools you need for your farm, providing added value and finding the best solutions for you and your Equipment. That's why we would like to introduce two essential products for your harvesting operation to you:

Take Flexdraper Performance over the Top with

MacDon FD Series FlexDraper® Headers are designed to contour to the ground on rolling terrain for a close even cut. However, when cutting off the ground, the FlexDraper frame is locked into rigid mode. This setting limits the FlexDraper’s ability to contour over rolling terrain. The ContourBuddy System solves that by allowing FlexDrapers to be used in Flex mode while cutting off the ground. Please click the following button to learn more about ContourBuddy:

Learn more about ContourBuddy Turbodrum is a complete easy replacement feeder drum that fits Macdon D60 and FD75 headers. If you are reading this then you already know the frustration of slow harvest speeds in bulky crops like canola, and even worse, the blockages and breakdowns caused by the standard feeder drum in these headers. Turbodrum is an instant fix to these problems, allowing you to go faster and get the crop off quicker. Please click the following button to learn more about Turbodrum:

Learn more about Turbodrum Both of these Essentials are on stock in your Young's Equipment location, come on in or give us a call, we'll be happy to tell you more about them and help you out with all your needs.



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